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MIRAGE 360 System
New era for public space disinfection
Device plus Disinfectant + Synergist


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disinfectant sprayer + chemical + good-fog
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LAST SPRAY 360 System Introduction

  • A revolutionary disinfection system on the market
  • Kill pathogens comprehensively, on the surface, in the air and in any corner
  • Super easy operation, one button start
  • Labor saving
  • High efficient usage of disinfectant, a 100m3 space only need 83ml disinfectant.
  • Wide disinfection spectrum, covering bacteria, virus, mycoplasma etc.

Advantages of LAST SPRAY 360

1. Fast dispersion, long lasting suspension, all-pervasive.

  • Disinfectant molecule forms into fog and spread to every corner of the space. It not only kill the virus and bacteria both in the air and surface, even the ceiling, corners etc. where manual disinfection hardly to reach.
  • The fog suspend as long as 5h in a enclosed space. Ensure sufficient disinfection reaction time.

2. Easy Operation, Labor saving, No risk for Cleaner

  • By pressing the start button, the machine will work  in few minutes (heating time), operator can also set the disinfection time and the machine will stop automatically.
  • According to the experiment tests, an enclosed space of 100m3 ,  running LAST SPRAY 360 for 2 minutes is enough for disinfection.

3. Instant disinfectant and synergist; No further dilution required. Ensure best disinfection effect

  • The concentration of disinfectant is the key influence factor of disinfection efficiency. Traditional disinfectant requires for manual dilutions which can not be done accurately.
  • The disinfectant and synergist for LAST SPRAY360 are qualified with proven high disinfection efficiency.  Instant use, no dilutions needed with promised disinfection effect.

4. More efficient usage of disinfectant, No fluid drop, no waste. Every drop counts, lower cost.

  • Comparing with the manual spray of disinfectant, which make everywhere moist and wet.  The disinfectant from LAST SPRAY 360 forms into fog. Theoretically, for a 100m3 space, each time disinfection requires only 83ml disinfectant and 83ml synergist. After disinfection the space is clean and clear.

5. Original disinfector and synergist combination design; Synergistic interaction to kill the pathogen.

  • The disinfectant of LAST SPRAY 360 is quaternary ammonium salt, which is with effective, nonirritant, low toxic etc advantages. And suggested as disinfectant for prevent coronavirus by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Especially for the places with metal objects.
  • The synergist will strengthen the disinfection effects and ensure the long lasting suspension.

6. Excellent disinfection effect Wide disinfection spectrum

  • Experiment under notary office and proved that the LAST SPRAY 360 system not only have excellent disinfection effect on virus and bacteria, but also on Mycoplasma.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 220-240V/100-120V, 50-60Hz
  • Power: 3000W(220V version), 2400W (110V version)
  • Pre-heat time: about 7min
  • Tank capacity: 5L*2
  • Consumption rate: 5L*2 support 2h disinfection
  • Net weight: 21kg
  • Dimension: 560*420*430mm


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